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Workshop on Role of Ambient Intelligence in Future Lighting Systems

November 16th, Amsterdam, the Netherlands in conjunction with the Conference on Ambient Intelligence (


LED-based lighting systems have introduced radically new possibilities in the area of artificial lighting. Being physically small the LED can be positioned or embedded into luminaires, materials and even the very fabric of a building or environment. Together with new functionality and flexibility comes complexity; the simple light switch is not anymore sufficient to control our light. The light switch therefore in many situations will need to be enhanced or fully replaced by intelligent controls and smart environments that are sensitive to the context and responsive to the presence of people. Future lighting systems will become a part of the Ambient Intelligence (AmI). This workshop explores how the vision and principles of the AmI paradigm can be applied to future lighting controls, where lighting is not anymore only a functional on/off system, but a flexible system capable of creating a large range of functional/decoration and ambient light effects.

The main goals of the workshop are:

Make a first step towards expanding the design space of smart and interactive technologies to include new forms of decorative, ambient and functional lighting.
Identify key challenges of (semi-) automatically controlling new forms of lighting systems.
Explore a balance between automatic (implicit) light control and explicit user control and its effect on user acceptance.

Topics of Interest

Ambient Intelligent Lighting
Activity detection and sensors
User studies on implicit and explicit lighting control
User studies on acceptance of Ambient Intelligent lighting and associated light controls
Use of light as an information medium
Interaction design for lighting control
Adaptation of existing UI to lighting control

Workshop structure

The workshop will be open with a keynote presentation “Liberation of Light” by Emile Aarts.

The first part of the workshop (the morning) will be dedicated to the introduction of the emerging forms of lighting and presentations of the individual attendees. The afternoon will be dedicated to discussions in groups, where the topics for discussions will be formulated based on the initial set of the workshop questions. The poster(s) describing the identified challenges and opportunities for interaction technologies concerning light control will be created during the last session.


Emile Aarts, Philips Research (The Netherlands)
Bernt Meerbeek, Philips Research (The Netherlands)
Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, Philips Research (The Netherlands)
Jon Mason, Philips Research (The Netherlands)
Harm van Essen, Industrial Design department of the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Serge Offermans, Industrial Design department of the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Andrés Lucero, Nokia Research Center (Finland)


Workshop proceedings and summary

 Workshop Results

 Proceedings (p. 25-67)

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